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About us

Everything started with a soothing sight from Vesselena’s childhood: her grandmother watching a TV series on the fashion industry. Growing up she kept this impression etched in her mind and grew infatuated with the colors of fashion illustrations and the beauty inherent in fashion designs.

By the age of 12 Vesselena decided she want to become a fashion designer. However, her parents insisted on her studying Economics out of practical concerns. While she did that, Vesselena also didn't give up her dream so she applied to a Fashion Design School. Vessie studied in two universities simultaneously and what kept her going strong was her ongoing connection with the world of fashion.

Her passion brought results soon. The young designer secured a scholarship at Kent State University in Ohio, USA, where she won the prestigious award for "Best Sophomore Design"; the first time such an award was given out. Vessie was also included in the list for most prospective and dilligent students, prepared by the Dean of the College of Arts and Science.

Returning to Bulgaria, Vesselena set on graduating from both universities. She not only managed to do that, but also got admitted in an "Erasmus" exchange program in Spain. Naturally, its focus lied on fashion design. After the “Erasmus” program she got a milestone internship in the prestigious Ilja Visser Group based in Amsterdam. Upon going back to Bulgaria, the young designer started her own fashion studio "Attitude157" in 2015.